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Pick The Top 15 finalists ESC And Win £1 million

43 countries - 26 finalists - 15 places - 1 Million Pounds

It's that time again! The Eurovision Song Contest is set to return to our screens for the 61st time, coming to you this year from Stockholm, Sweden. Only this time the glory of the win can be yours!

Have you got a knack for picking Eurovision winners? Well step up and prove it! Because we’re giving away £1 million to whoever predicts this year’s top fifteen entries.

Your pick must be in order, and you are free to select and edit your picks until the closing date on May 14th.

How it works

The position column is on the left, marked with numbers. Then on the right you have all the participating countries represented by their national flags. Simply click on a given flag image and drag it left into your chosen position. So, if you think, for example, that France is going to be ranked third simply click on the flag and drag across into the number 3 slot on the left.

Get all 15 right and you’ll be an instant millionaire! No catch, no cost, no risk! All you have to do is show us that you know how to pick winners!

There’s a grand total of 43 countries running this year, with 26 countries participating in the finals. Those that fail to make the grade will be greyed out – indicating that you cannot select them.

Eurovision Participants 2016

The Big Five (Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Spain), plus last year’s winners, Sweden, are automatically set for the finals. So you’re already a third of the way there! All other participants must qualify through two semi-finals.

Britain’s entry this year is "You're Not Alone" written by Matt Schwartz.

The Favourites

The most successful Eurovision country, with seven wins, is Ireland, closely followed by this year's host, and last year's winner, Sweden. France and the UK both managed to win five times already. In recent years, however, they’ve both had a tougher time of it.

Other favourites, who consistently rank high, include Italy, Russia, Estonia and Azerbaijan.

In the end, however, it all comes down, not to the countries, but to the songs themselves. Who gives the best performance, who connects best with the international audience, who manages to the hearts of an entire continent? (Or two, when you count Australia.)

You tell us and win!

Rank all the winners, from first down, in the correct order to become a millionaire!

Have fun and good luck!